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Trinity Tft 95% Gas Boiler

Condensing downfire stainless steel gas boiler.

  • Trinity Fire Tube (Tft) heat exchanger is ASME certified and uses an innovative down-fired concept. The tubes have a dimpled design to optimize heat transfer, which increases energy efficiency. The Fire Tubes provide generous space for flue gas to pass, and significantly reduce the need for cleaning due to the vertical configuration and self-cleaning operation when in condensation mode.
  • Stainless steel design The ASME certified heat exchanger is constructed using 439 stainless steel, making it extremely resistant to corrosion. The Fire Tube design allows water to flow freely around the heating surfaces of the boiler, which significantly reduces pressure drop.
  • AFUE efficiencies up to 95% NTI was the first to develop the totally-sealed combustion system, whereby air is not drawn from the cabinet.
  • Sola ControllerThe intuitive touchscreen makes for easy set-up, often taking less than a minute. Color coding alerts users to problems and common language makes for easy troubleshooting.
  • Flexible Ventingvent runs up to 150 feet, five vent termination options, 2" venting on some models and plumbing and gas connections at either top or bottom.
  • Fully-modulating combustion system
MODELInput MBtuHOutput MBtuHAFUEDimensions
Water Content
Tft6060.0 56.0 95.0 33.4x19.75x14.5 0.00 128
Tft8585.0 78.0 95.0 33.4x19.75x14.5 0.00 128
Tft110108.0 99.0 95.0 33.4x19.75x18.5 0.00 128
Tft155155.0 144.0 95.0 33.4x19.75x18.5 0.00 170
Tft175175.0 163.0 95.0 33.4x19.75x18.5 0.00 170
Tft200200.0 185.0 95.0 33.4x19.75x18.5 0.00 170
Tft250250.0 230.0 95.0 33.4x19.75x18.5 0.00 170
Tft300299.0 278.0 95.0 36.4x25x20 0.00 247
Tft399399.0 380.0 95.4 36.4x25x20 0.00 247

Warranty Information

  • Heat Exchanger - Limited Lifetime
  • All Parts for 60 months -

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